The Joy and Confusion of Having Multiple Blogs

Up, up, and away!

I know it can be a bit confusing, but I have more than one blog. This one, where I post some of my writing exercises or the results thereof, and my blog at, which has more of my personal stuff. There’s more religious-y stuff there, so if that’s not your thing, then it may not be your happy place. However, it’s where I post more of my “this is my real life” kind of stuff, so if you want a peek into some of that, it’s over there.

Between Forever and Never (Rictameter Poem)

Between Forever and Never (Rictameter Poem)

Writhes, wordlessly
Lacerated, until
An apology crafts a key –
A way to unlock the rusted guard gates
Of the zombie cemetary
Where undead pain begs for
Words to soothe the

H. Bullough 05-24-2017

Epoxy Holds The World Together – Free Verse Poem

Sweet! It’s a little love note!

Epoxy Holds the World Together

Early, during the denial of dawn,
Dreams overlap my day’s to-do list
And I remember you.
I think of the projects ahead and
Wish I could ask,
How would you?
I can learn from
But you were
My favorite teacher –
My how-to manual:
How to make and fly a kite.
How to ice skate on a pond.
How to fish.
How to fix broken things.
How to make old things new.
How to build a world with words,
And hold it together with epoxy.
Your lessons epoxied us.
Now you are gone.
In the pre-dawn, I wonder
What are your current projects?
Are you building
Whatever it is, I know there will be epoxy.

-H. Bullough 05-16-2017