Between Forever and Never (Rictameter Poem)

Between Forever and Never (Rictameter Poem)

Writhes, wordlessly
Lacerated, until
An apology crafts a key –
A way to unlock the rusted guard gates
Of the zombie cemetary
Where undead pain begs for
Words to soothe the

H. Bullough 05-24-2017

Epoxy Holds The World Together – Free Verse Poem

Sweet! It’s a little love note!

Epoxy Holds the World Together

Early, during the denial of dawn,
Dreams overlap my day’s to-do list
And I remember you.
I think of the projects ahead and
Wish I could ask,
How would you?
I can learn from
But you were
My favorite teacher –
My how-to manual:
How to make and fly a kite.
How to ice skate on a pond.
How to fish.
How to fix broken things.
How to make old things new.
How to build a world with words,
And hold it together with epoxy.
Your lessons epoxied us.
Now you are gone.
In the pre-dawn, I wonder
What are your current projects?
Are you building
Whatever it is, I know there will be epoxy.

-H. Bullough 05-16-2017

Lullaby Poem

H. Bullough 2016

There are many nights as a mother when you need sleep so badly but your baby just won’t let you put her down. At times like this, every thought becomes a desperate plea. “Please, Baby, go to sleep.”

Sleep, Baby

If you sleep, Baby
Go to sleep, Baby
Then Mama can go to sleep, too.

You’re awake, Baby,
What’s it take, Baby?
You need to have some dream-time, too.

We will play, Baby
While we pray, Baby
That you will rest in slumber, too.

Quiet sighs, Baby
Close your eyes, Baby
So Mama can close her eyes, too.

So now sleep, Baby
Go to sleep, Baby
So Mama can go to sleep, too.

– H. Bullough 5-2-2017
From a poetry prompt to write a poem like a lullaby.